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    “Your house is

    your larger body”

    Like the clothes you choose to wear, the place you choose to live can also speak about who you are, how you look at life, and what you want.

    As a bridge between you and the world, you want your home to tell your story and reflect your uniqueness. To accomplish this, you need someone who can give voice to your dreams and values, helping you communicate them to the outside world through the perfect combination of unique pieces of furniture to create a totally custom-made living space.


    This is Villusso: the chance to see your dreams of prestige and elegance come true, thanks to italian artisans who can craft beauty because it’s in their DNA—people who know we are sitting on the shoulders of giants.

    Your taste of

    la dolce vita

    With 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites—the highest number in any country in the world—Italy is incomparable when it comes to history and culture. At each corner you will encounter a church, a beautiful courtyard, or a luxurious palace: they are all traces of a magnificent past that is still a symbol of elegance all over the world.


    Villusso knows this and cares about protecting and carrying on this tradition to create your tailor-made luxury home. The result is recognizable style, classic yet glamorous, modern yet ancient, all at the same time: 100% Italian, from Beijing to New York.

    An exceptional


    Born in Sicily, but now a resident of Dubai, Roberto started as a fashion designer. Early in the '90s he turned to luxury interior design made in Italy.

    Roberto is an exceptional designer because he’s able to listen to customers and tactfully guide them in choosing the style that best fits their intimate wishes.


    This invaluable quality is combined with an unmistakable signature style: in his collections, Roberto masterfully combines unusual materials and fashion elements, and the result is both audacious and harmonious.

    This is why his collections embody a sober luxury, the perfect balance between magnificence and minimalism.

    The greatest satisfaction is when you combine things that apparently clash with each other and you’re able to create something beautiful.

    I like seeing people’s eyes sparkle before something new and different, which shows wealth without showing off.


    -  Roberto Serio  -

    Three reasons

    to choose Villusso

    These three ingredients allow Villusso to create unique atmospheres

    and be the perfect consultant for turnkey service projects.



    Italian creativity.



    Selection of the best

    Italian artisans.



    Experience and attention

    to the requests of the

    international market.



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    la dolce vita

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